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  • Reject the I-35 expansion

    Reject the I-35 expansion

  • Reimagine I-35...

    Reimagine I-35...

  • I-35 Austin Boulevard Rendering a vibrant urban boulevard

Rethink35 is a grassroots movement fighting the proposed I-35 expansion through Austin.

We are pushing for a study of alternatives, including rerouting non-local traffic and replacing the highway with a boulevard.

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TxDOT's Proposed I-35 Expansion

  • Would demolish over 120 homes and businesses
  • Increased road noise, pollution, and carbon emissions
  • Worse congestion by encouraging more driving

    Read about TxDOT's plan

Rethink I-35 as a Boulevard

The Rethink35 boulevard Proposal

  • Affordable housing and local businesses
  • Wide sidewalks, protected bike lanes, bus lanes
  • Non-local traffic can go around town, not through it
  • Austin, Texas Freeway Removal Proposal
  • I-35 Austin Widening Project Feedback
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  • Rethink35 Austin, Texas - Fighting the I-35 Expansion
  • Freeway Widening Doesn't Work

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